Neko Case- Killer Whales Seriously DON’T eat people.

20 02 2009

Someone needs to tell her that for me, cause, if someone got dragged down to the bottom of a tank by a killer whale, and had both their lungs and a leg eaten… I think they’d have good reason to be surprised.  …because killer whales DON’T eat people… that’s why they don’t use things like hammerhead sharks and giant squid in the shows at Seaworld.  They pick animals that wouldn’t eat anyone. …like killer whales.

But, really, the song wouldn’t really be any better if it went “they call them giant squid…” It would still probably suck.

…thats all…



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8 03 2009
Lesley Dewar

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Thanks Lesley

7 04 2009

I think the point is that a killer whale is a dangerous, wild animal. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when, one day, the whale, with its power and teeth, tears up a trainer in the pool in a fit of pique. Honestly, they rip seals to shreds with a single flick. Why should we think we’d always be different? Do they hunt humans in the wild? No. But that doesn’t mean that a killer whale isn’t a killer. And that’s the point. It’s just an analogy in a pop song, honestly.

7 04 2009

I’m making fun of her. Not genuinely baffled by the analogy. However, I’m guessing you couldn’t find one single instance of a Killer Whale eating a human, let alone one in captivity even biting one. -Because they simply don’t. Like dolphins they are extremely intelligent. They actively participate in the shows at Sea World of their own free will. If you don’t believe that, you should research how they are trained. They are no threat to humans by choice, but it’s an intelligent and active choice. Dolphins are violent too, one of the only creatures on the planet that commits infanticide, yet, they’re the same way. They can be released into open water after capture, and they choose to remain because of the bond with other dolphins they live with and the trainers. They are far, far removed from other animals you can take out of the wild.
So, again, it really would surprise the scientific world if a killer whale at someone in it’s tank.

But, again, I was just making a joke, so don’t dig too deep here!

15 03 2010

What do you think now about killer whales? Pretty interesting–didn’t eat the trainer but pin her down he did. Weird, I think. Who knew?

8 04 2009

I get your point. Pinning a person to the bottom of the pool? Yes – there’s a number of reports of that (including at least one death). Eating them – no, you don’t see that.

10 04 2009

Well, come on, don’t just tell us that. I want the links! People want to read about Killer Whales sitting on people. …I do anyway.

30 04 2009

Typos and all:

And, because it’s Frontline after all, no obvious typos:

BTW, in the song, both lungs don’t get “eaten”, they get “taken”. Which is a wonderfully literary way of saying that you drowned someone.

You know, one day, one of these whale’s instinct to gobble up seals is going to kick in and someone in a black wet suit is going to get chomped pretty badly (even if their body part gets spit right out because rubber and blubber only sound alike, not taste alike). I guess we’ll count you as one of the “surprised” .

PS, any song with a Danelectro 12 string in it has a hard time sucking. Unless I’m playing mine on it…

6 05 2009

Well then, I guess I owe Shamu and Neko Case both a beer (or dead fish as the case may be…) But! …she still sucks. AND …so do Danellectro guitars. And, that’s the final say in all that. …because I’m the one who approves the comments.

6 05 2009

Kinda funny since I actually get the final say since I’m a radio dj who actually chooses his playlist and who would have been inclined to have put Maudlin in there. Until now.

Plus, I can actually spell Danelectro.

3 02 2010

You can only spell Danelectro because you own one, which doesn’t make you smart. And you not playing my music- which you weren’t doing already- doesn’t give you the ‘final say’ in whether or not Neko Case’s whale song is dumb. But, if you’d like to tell me what DJ you are, and what station you spin for, I’d be glad to blog about you not playing our music because I don’t like Neko Case- because, regardless of the fact that that’s not true, it’s still pretty funny that you said it.

3 02 2010

No, actually I could spell Danelectro BEFORE I got mine. But I never claimed to be “smart”, (hell, the fact that I even bothered commenting on this rather bleak blog proves that I’m probably not). Frankly, it’s fine that you think that Danelectro guitars suck. It’s pretty telling, but it IS suprising since you guys seem to use rather clunky, pawnshop prize-esque guitars yourself.

It’s funny though – here we have a musician who misinterprets lyrics and who thinks that saying another artist sucks doesn’t mean that you don’t like them. Shouldn’t a musician that’s involved in the creation of lyrics be able to get past literalism? Try figuring out what the song is actually saying. and yes, you DID seem baffled by the analogy. Do you have to like the song? Of course not. Do you have to like Neko Case? of course not. But don’t be a freak and claim that you understand the song or like the artist, because you’ve shown both to be false.

PS, great and appropriate name for a band…kudos.

4 02 2010

Well, I’m going to be completely honest here- I didn’t read all of your last comment -which has mysteriously disappeared! Oh no! But, clearly you’re retarded to even spend that much time trying to tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe you should move your rant to your radio show, where YOUR listeners could be bored with you. Or start your own, Go nuts!

25 11 2009

Killer Whales are amazing creatures..just had to share this beautiful pic:

gotta love killer whales…hope to see some real ones soon..

4 02 2010

Whoa, whoa! Lets back up.

I 100% understand the lyrical intent of the song, and always have- it’s pretty clear. I’m making fun of the analogy because it isn’t a good one. Is she comparing herself to a potentially dangerous animal? Yes. But an animal that is dangerous to humans? No. The song is about a ‘man eater.’ The animal in her comparison is depicted eating men- which they don’t. So, while it probably sounded good (seeing as few animals have “killer” in their names) but actually makes for poor literal comparison. -which is what I was making fun of.
I’m not ‘baffled’ I just don’t like it. I fully understand what she was trying to get out of the comparison, and how the name ‘killer whale’ plays into that well. Here, in this setting, I make jokes about all kinds of things, such as poor comparisons, K-mart, and $200.00 guitars.

So, to recap for you

1) I understand the song

2) I don’t particularly care for it, or Neko Case music in general

3) The point of pointing out the poor literal comparison in the song was to find the humor in it, not teach Neko Case about my opinion of how to properly write lyrics, or to clarify what the hell she’s talking about- this is solely intended to make fun of her dumb whale song.

(Many people could look at the situation in a humorous light even if they liked Neko Case- and I’m pretty sure almost everyone would gather that I’m just joking about it either way. Look at the rest of my blog, this isn’t Scientific Digest going on here…)

4) There are picture of the guitars we play on this site and in our links. I’m not 100% clear on what a “clunky, pawnshop prize-esgue” guitar is… But, the guitars we’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands on are rarely found in pawnshops.

We actually had to use a Danellectro guitar on two tracks of our first album, ironically… We didn’t bring a back up and we had an issue with Priscilla’s Viccaro… It was the only thing there, and we were about 300 miles from a real city. But, we don’t have any of those specific tracks on our site to my knowledge… But, if you listened to it and then the Viccaro together, you’d hear a big difference.


5 02 2010

Looks like one of us REALLY knows about the 3rd grade. Nice job. However, I must insist that you remove the fraudulent posting with my name on it or I’ll have to report you to Word Press. Of course, if you want to restore the original post that you trashed, you can keep the “turd” post that you penned in my name for as far as I care. I’ve saved a screenshot of this page and you have 48 hours to decide what you want to do. Yes, I’ll do this because I’m a “wiener bag”.

I’m serious about you removing the above post. It’s fraud.

5 02 2010

There you go baby. But you’re done on my page. You’re taking this way to seriously. Go find someone else’s page to to freak out over, or get a life.

24 02 2010
24 02 2010

You know, that line in her song takes on a lot more significance today.

25 02 2010
Chuck Levin

Bet you feel like an idiot today huh?

25 02 2010
25 02 2010
25 02 2010

Maudlin, meet Tillikum…

I can’t believe you actually wrote about this. Hilarioius! (and horribly sad) and hilarious. And disturbing.

The Connells are the witness in this Orlando story. And, Tillikum the KILLER Whale allegedly killed some drifer obsessed with Ultima Online in 1999. You cannot make this shit up!

Or maybe you can. I really don’t know…

25 02 2010

Now they have….

25 02 2010
25 02 2010

LOL UNTIL someone at Sea World got KIlllleddddddd by a killer whale!

2 03 2010

Boy did this one just bite you on the ass.

3 03 2010

Wow…how is your ignorance working for ya now, tough guy?

And Neko is nominated for Grammys?

You’re all over it, slick.

4 03 2010

Oops. I guess killer whales do actually kill people. Hmmm. For an intelligent creature who is supposed to swim over 100 miles a day, I guess living day-in, day-out at SeaWorld is pure hell, and this time the trainer got to hear what this Orca had to say. I guess Neko Case was dead on….

5 03 2010

Well, I did laugh, but it’s not really funny… What are the odds? I was like, ‘why did so many people read this on Feb 25th?’ …but I’m going to have to stand by my previous statements.

1) Didn’t actually eat her, and the animal is still not considered a ‘man-eater’ by anyone.

2) I was TOTALLY right, everyone was really surprised!

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